Sorry for a lack

So I have no blogged really since I started my blog but I’m feeling more motivated now

I’m currently working four jobs- two paid, two unpaid

The places where I actually make money are great, I’m working at Dome (a coffee chain in Perth) where I’ve met a lot of cool people and I’ve learned to make decent coffee. I also work at The Noble Juicers, which is in the Perth CBD and you should aaaall check it out, and it’s a lovely juice/ smoothie bar inside a fruit and veg store and it’s so fresh and fab.

My volunteer jobs are the reeeeally exciting thing though. I’ve started gallery sitting at Paper Mountain gallery which is awesome. My first shift was today and there was a lot of exhibition organising going on so I met a lot of the other volunteers. I’ve also started work experience at Seva Frangos gallery, which is awesome and fairly close to the work I’d like to be doing at the moment.

So that’s what is going on with me. I’m really trying to work hard at the moment and immerse myself in art.

I’ll keep you posted

Purpose aka Intro

My name is Alice, and I’m from Perth

I just graduated high school and I’m taking a gap year before starting Art History studies at university
This year I’m going to travel and try to immerse myself into the art world.

The purpose of this blog is to keep a diary of this year, and maybe years beyond, and share my experiences. Maybe blogging all of this will be pointless, but also maybe it wont be, so there’s nothing at all to lose.